Get More Out of Your Wine Experiences

The world of wine can be an intimidating place, but that’s no surprise considering how expansive a subject it is. But new technology is making wine more accessible to everyone. There’s no doubt that tech has completely revolutionized the way we enjoy wine. It’s a fact that more people are turning to their phones to help make wine buying decisions. And those numbers are growing. Thanks to these new innovations, the power to discover new producers, learn about specific varietals and regions, and how to pair wine with food is easier than ever before.

Tracking Wines Made Simple

Gone are the days of jotting down producer names on scraps of paper or trying to remember the name of that killer bottle of wine you shared with friends over dinner (undeniably tricky after a few glasses). Tech has made navigating the world of wine so much easier for the average wine drinker. Now, you can download an app, search for specific wines, and rate them from your phone in real-time.
If you’ve been wanting to try new wines but don’t have time to hit your local wine shop, using an app can help you find new styles you might enjoy by offering suggestions based on the styles you love best. You don’t need pepper a sommelier with dozens of questions – with apps like TriWine, you become your own sommelier. By regularly rating wines in the app, you’ll get recommendations for different producers, varieties, and styles that are perfectly tailored to your tastes. The more you rate, the more precise the recommendations will be, which has the added bonus of helping you to learn what pleases your palate most.

Learn to Pair Food & Wine

Pairing food and wine is more art than science. If you’ve come across a gorgeous new wine but aren’t sure what to dishes to serve with it, wine apps are an invaluable resource. Not only will you learn what ingredients work with different varieties and styles, but you’ll also discover specific dishes you can serve that will complement your bottle and make both the food and the wine show their best. Many apps even offer information about specific grape varieties such as where they’re grown, common aromas and flavors, and other useful tidbits of information – excellent for brushing up your wine knowledge during your work commute. Just think of it as a shortcut to becoming a wine pro.

Technology Can Enhance Your Wine Experiences

Whether you’re passionate about wine in a big way or just starting out on your journey, hitting local wine tasting events and day-tripping up to nearby wineries is a fun, dynamic way to become more wine savvy and try out new wines. The downside? Scouring the web looking for nearby events and spending time calling or emailing to book a reservation. Now, thanks to TriWine, you can do it all right from your phone. Map out the wine hotspots you’ve visited, bookmark when you’d like to check out next, and rate the wines you’ve tasted. The more you use the app, the more you earn towards free wine tastings and more. We can all raise a glass to that!

On the other side of the spectrum, TriWine simplifies things for wineries as well, by allowing wine lovers to book tastings and providing them with guests’ feedback on what they loved about their visit.

Manage Your Wine Club Subscriptions The Easy Way

These days, there’s a wine club out there for everyone. If you absolutely fell in love with a local winery and want to sign up for their wine club, you can also do that straight from your phone – and manage your payment and subscriptions to boot. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership with a few swift clicks from your mobile or Apple Watch. Keeping track of your wine club subscriptions has never been this easy, leaving you more time to enjoy great wine.

Here’s to more delicious, enriching wine experiences in your future!

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