6 Fall Wines You Should Be Drinking

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The dog days of summer are coming to a close. Songs like “Hot Fun in the Summertime” and “One Margarita” will soon change its tune to “Summertime Sadness”. Packing the car to head to the beach turns into packing the car for Fall leaf-peeping. With the cooler days and shorter nights approaching, not only does your wardrobe change from tank tops to comfy sweaters but your palette also changes from frozen rosé to pumpkin spice lattes. Wine enthusiasts look forward to the changing of seasons as it gives them an excuse to replenish their wine racks. 

In the Fall, wine enthusiasts transition from chilled wines to glasses of bold and soul-warming wine; which tend to be reds because they become fruitier, bolder, and warmer. Of course, everyone has their wine preference and continue to drink their favorite varietal all year long, no matter the season. Fall isn’t just red wine season. If you follow the rules of sticking with medium-full-bodied reds, whites, and rose varietals, your palette will be just as happy.

If you need help with transitioning from summer to fall wines, we’ve listed 6 wines that are perfect for Fall! Although none of these wines are pumpkin flavored – which we’re truly grateful for, these wines are wines will get you through the changing weather and help cure your summertime sadness.



Your arsenal of reds for Fall should include Zinfandel/Primitivo. Tormaresca Winery is located in the Salento, Italy Wine region, known for its salinity in wines thanks to the vineyard’s close proximity to the Adriatic sea. After one sip you’ll understand why Zin/Prims needs to be included in your fall arsenal. It’s Primitivo Torcicoda is smooth with notes of dark fruits like cherries, with hints of smoke and tobacco. 

Regions to try: Salento, Italy; Lodi, California


Ever had Dolcetto wine? It’s a delicious sweet red, a bit on the dry side but less acidic. Notes of brown sugar, licorice, and black currants with a slight bitterness.  Simple and easy drinking, great paired with marinara dishes or heavy meats such as burgers, pasta, and meatballs, or even beef stew. Try Massolino Dolcetto D’alba 

Regions to try: Lodi, Calfornia; Piedmont, Italy


The Austrians are famous for their zesty Rieslings and this Austrian fav is a wonderful full-bodied white because of its great acidity and minerality (cuts through gravies and heavy sauces). Its beautiful light green color is reminiscent of the grüner grapes used to make this Riesling. Leth Grüner Veltliner is a dry easy-drinking wine, known for its refreshing acidity, bright full citrus lemon, and lime notes, and it’s herbal and white pepper aromas. 

Regions to try: Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic


Next time you are shopping for a bottle of white wine, ask for a White Bordeaux. Semillon grapes from the Bordeaux region that are blended with Sauvignon grapes, producing a dense yet more round and buttery wine. Bordeaux Blancs are food-friendly due to its freshness and can range on notes of fig, melon, and green grass on the palate or can have notes of honey and almond if aged in oak. Try France’s Chateau Palene Bordeaux Blanc!

Regions to try: Bordeaux, France; Napa and Sonoma, California; Columbia Valley, Washington; Hunter Valley and Barossa Valley, Australia


Although many people reserve to drink Rosé only in the summer, I find rose to be a pleasurable wine suitable to drink year-round, just make sure that the vintage is no more than a year old and you choose full-bodied varietals. You can start with Mulderbosch – Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon, which is a delicious rosé to transition from summer to fall thanks to its cherry, grapefruit, and guava note aromas that greet the nose. It’s pomegranate and berry fruits are medium-bodied on the palate giving it a clean finish whether served chilled or room temp.

Regions to try: Argentina and South Africa


Rose blends are also a great choice when looking for a Fall rose wine. The blending of grape varietals from Provence creates a fuller-bodied rose while still maintaining its pink colors. Bandol is the most prestigious wine region known for its vineyards and rosé wines that tend to be a bit darker because the Mediterannean sea is a stone throw away, which lends it salinity and deep limestone flavors to it grape soil. Bandol’s Bieler Pére et Fils is a delicious full-bodied fall rose wine with flavors of herbs, blood orange, almond, and black licorice that’s held together by its acidity.

Regions to try: Bandol, France; Loire Valley, France

These 6 wines are just a taste as there are so many fall wines to choose from! 

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